Questions often asked

Are Thomas Chipman chips dairy free?

With the exception of our Splendid Cheese Corn Chip, all Thomas Chipman Organic Chips are dairy free.  If you want a dairy free corn chip, try Thomas Chipman Low Salt Original as they contain only corn, oil and salt.  For a more nutty taste, enjoy  Thomas Chipman Ancient Grains Corn Chips.  The Thomas Chipman Organic Potato Chip range is entirely dairy free and is available in four tasty varieties – Low Salt Original, Rosemary & Thyme, Cracked Pepper  and Sweet Chilli Salsa.  And the Thomas Chipman Organic Vegetable Chip range is also completely free of dairy products.  While Thomas Chipman Splendid Cheese Corn Chips do contain dairy ingredients, the “dairy solids” are present as cheese powder,  milk powder and cream powder.

Why is the Splendid Cheese Corn Chip lighter in colour than other cheese corn chips?

Simple – no artifical colours or flavours.  It’s 100% natural and the taste is terrific.

Are Thomas Chipman chips Nut Free?

Thomas Chipman Organic Chips are produced in a total “nut free” environment.  There is no risk of cross contamination or airborne contamination.  In talking with many consumers we understand how important this assurance is for those with nut allergies.

Are Thomas Chipman chips Kosher certified?

Yes, we are proud to state that, with the exception of Splendid Cheese Corn Chips, all Thomas Chipman Organic Chips are Kosher certified.  This certification includes the entire Potato Chip and Vegetable Chip ranges.  Thomas Chipman chips are the first chips to be Kosher certified in Australia.

What does Halal Certified mean?

All varieties of Thomas Chipman corn chips are certified Halal, which means that they are okay for consumption by Muslims.  The primary issue is that the ingredients of the final product, (and the process itself), must not contain or come in contact with alcohol or animal ingredients.  As we export our product around the world, it is critical that this certification is achieved in many countries.

Do you add MSG to your products?

No, we do not add MSG to any of our products or any of the ingredients in our products.  Some small traces of naturally occurring MSG could exist and people who have severe sensitivities to MSG may want to consider moderation.

What type of vegetable oil do you use?

When it comes to making Australia’s premier range of organic and gluten free chips, we’re very particular about the ingredients we use.  So it’s probably no surprise that choosing the right oil was extremely important to us. Naturally, the best oil for our needs had to be organic but, equally important, we wanted an oil that’s produced from crops grown using sustainable farming practices, as well as being eco-friendly.  The oil we selected meets this rigorous criteria – it’s certified organic palm olein oil.

Is it really an organic oil?

As with any of the ingredients used in the Thomas Chipman product range, it not only needs to be of the highest quality, it must also be organic. The palm olein oil we use is certified organic under one of the world’s strictest food regulatory programmes.  Organic food endorsed with the Australian Certified Organic “Bud” logo is your assurance the food has been handled with care, without use of synthetic chemicals or additives, from ‘paddock to plate’. It is safe food grown and handled under a traceable system.

I thought palm oil was high in saturated fats?

The oil we use is commonly known as palm olein oil which means it is derived from the fleshy part of the fruit, not the kernel, so by comparison it is much lower in saturated fats.

What about cholesterol?

Like other vegetable fats, palm oil is free from cholesterol.  As palm oil is solid at room temperature there is no need to use hydrogenation, a technique which hardens liquid oil but also produces damaging trans fatty acids and raises cholesterol levels in the process.  Human feeding studies have shown that palm oil does not ordinarily raise blood cholesterol levels and in some cases has been found to lower harmful LDL-cholesterol.